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Samurai Sword Steel Guide

Samurai swords are very popular and these are made using the best quality steel. These are Japanese origin swords that were used by the Samurais of ancient and feudal Japan. There are different types of samurai swords like Katana, Wakizashi, Uchigatana, Tanto, Odachi, Tachi etc. The length and other specifications of these swords may vary but the common thing is that they are made using premium variety of steel. If you are looking for samurai sword steel guide, then you have surely come to the right place. Here you will get all the knowledge about different steel varieties in samurai swords.

Here is the guidance related to samurai swords steel variety

  • Stainless steel

Stainless steel is a common component in many samurai swords. But for serious usage this variety of steel is considered to be too brittle because it’s not much shatter proof. But if you are looking for a budget friendly samurai sword then stainless steel is the best option that you can consider. Stainless steel is embedded with chromium and thus it does not allow easy settlement of rust. These swords are easy to maintain and are cheaper as compared to other varieties in samurai swords.

  • Carbon steel

Carbon steel is also a popular option in samurai swords. The content of carbon in the steel may vary from one particular sword to the other. Great quality carbon steel can improve the durability and functioning of samurai swords to a great extent. Thus instead of opting for a lower quality carbon steel sword you should prefer better quality carbon steel for improved performance.

  • Spring steel

Another variety of steel for samurai swords is the spring steel. Spring steel helps in providing the much needed twist to the sword. Thus for obtaining the right curvature of the sword, this steel variety is highly used. Spring steel is embedded with chromium and silicon composition. These are extremely tough and durable swords and are the first choice of a lot of sword smiths. The spring steel variety is commendable and ensures great sharpness of blade.

  • Tool steel

Tool steel is basically tungsten alloy steel and this variety contains a high percentage of carbon content. This is also called as high speed steel. This stuff is very hard. The advantage is that this material is tougher and long lasting than other steel varieties and the shortcoming is that it is more prone to scratches and abrasions. Again there are different varieties in tool steel also and the exact composition may also differ.

  • Folded steel

Folded steel is the one that is folded many times to give a layered form. Many people believe that this kind of layered steel form is best for making the samurai swords but some sword smiths have a different opinion about the folded steel. Thus the number of layers decides the exact strength and longevity of the steel.

The other steel varieties

By going through the above mentioned points you must have got some knowledge about the most popular steel varieties in samurai swords. But there are other varieties of steel as well. Some of the examples are like manganese steel, nickel steel, nickel chromium steel, molybdenum steel etc. Many times the sword smiths combine more than one steel variety to produce the finest quality sword and in such case the exact composition of each constituent may vary in percentage. The main focus is to produce a sword that is outstanding in features and has a great cutting ability. Thus the focus is to embed those steel varieties which are really strong and to create the finest masterpieces that depict brilliance.

The process of sword formation using steel

There are lots of steel varieties using which the samurai swords can be made. But whichever steel variety is chosen the main thing is the right heat treatment. It is a highly elaborate process that helps in getting the right shape and best quality sword. The sword is tempered by subjecting it to the right kind of heat for the desired time period and after that it is cooled as per the traditional methods. The steel blade is neither cooled too rapidly nor too slowly because otherwise the blade may get damaged.

While processing the steel, care is taken to remove the impurities so that overall strength of the sword can be improved. The forging may take many days to complete and setting the right curvature and balance is equally important. The entire process requires detailed heating, hammering and top notch folding of steel layers. Once everything is done in relation to the steel blade then final detailing and polishing is done. It takes a lot of time to produce a finely crafted samurai sword using the best steel variety. Only a trained and highly experienced sword smith can manufacture a flawless and authentic samurai sword.

Genuine suggestions that may help you out

There are many steel varieties in the segment of samurai swords. Based on the exact needs it is very important to select the right kind of steel. If you just need a decorative purpose samurai sword then there is no need to opt for high quality steel but if you need a battle ready samurai sword then there should be no compromise with the steel quality. The steel variety from which the samurai sword is made has a direct impact on its strength and long life. If you want a really sharp and great performance sword then never compromise with the quality of steel blade.

Be it any kind of samurai sword and in any steel option, you will get the best offers on the online platform. You just have to select the sword you want and the quality of steel blade, and then you can place the order for it. The options listed on the online platform are priced very reasonably as compared to those sold by the local swordsmith dealers from Many of these swords on the online platform are sold with a reasonable guarantee period and authentication certificate for the quality of steel. Thus without any further delay procure the best samurai sword in finest steel variety.

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